Radiologists are Patient Care Advocates

Patients are Our First Priority

The Ontario Association of Radiologists represents the 1,000 radiologists serving the health care needs of 13.7 million people in our province.  Radiology is essential to the diagnosis of many diseases including cancer, stroke, cardiac conditions to name a few of the leading causes of mortality.  Early diagnosis saves lives.   Without a radiology diagnosis there can be no treatment; there can be no cure.

Radiologists are highly trained doctors who specialize in interpreting the results of these imaging exams. Family physicians and other specialists turn to radiologists for consultation on the safest and most effective exam, and what the results mean for the patient's health as well as providing information to guide decisions about the most appropriate treatment options.

The Association is dedicated to representing both the public and its members in the advancement of proven medical imaging technology and the promotion of high quality patient care through improved and timely access to medical imaging services.

“ Radiology has revolutionized diagnosis and patient care.  With increased technology that is available to radiologists, we can have a very fine look of the patient’s interior.”
-Dr. Tayo Denton

Key Elements of High Quality Patient Care in Radiology

With imaging being one of the major players in the defence against cancer and other diseases, it is imperative that the public be well informed about the importance of diagnostic imaging.  The early detection of disease, its prognosis and detailed information about the extent of the disease would not be available to patients without diagnostic imaging.  Radiology’s role is central to modern medicine, employing a wide range of diagnostic technologies (CT/MR, ultrasound) for the early diagnosis of disease.

Quality Patient Care

  • Recommended all mammography equipment be accredited by the Canadian Association of Radiologists
  • Introduction of the OAR’s Canadian Bone Mineral Densitometry Accreditation program for improved detection of osteroporosis
  • Encouraged radiologist participation in the Ontario Breast Screening Program
  • Greater awareness of the need for reduced use of radiation
  • Use of safer non-ionic contrast media for the improved detection of serious diseases

Reducing Waiting Times

  • Reduced 12-18 month MRI wait times to today’s 1-2 month waits
  • Reduced 8-12 month CT wait times to 1-3 week waits
  • Addressed uneven access to commonly available diagnostic exams across Ontario
  • Advocated for additional funding to operate CT and MRI scanners for longer hours to reduce wait lists


Improved Access to Radiology Services

  • Expanded access to services not previously available, particularly breast MRI
  • Significantly increased Diagnostic imaging access for Ontario cancer patients for initial diagnosis and follow-up examinations
  • Reduced time for Emergency Department patients by accelerating access to radiology exams
  • Introduction of new diagnostic imaging services not previously available including Cardiac CT and CT Colonography
  • Increased access to 24/7 radiology

Modern Radiology Equipment

  • Recommended replacement of x-ray film mammography with digital mammography
  • Replacement of most of Ontario’s outdated radiology equipment
  • Approval of the latest CT and MRI scanners in Ontario hospitals
  • Implementation of funding to accelerate digital imaging equipment in radiology clinics
  • Conversion from x-ray film to digital imaging using the latest technologies