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Welcome to the OAR’s Radiology Patient Info Resource page.  Ontario patients are and continue to be our first priority.

The OAR is committed to educating the public on the importance of radiology and radiologists in the health care system.  Through its advocacy efforts and publication of numerous high profile reports, the OAR has been directly responsible for improving patient access across Ontario to diagnostic imaging tests; significantly reducing wait lists, raising the standard and quality of testing through facility accreditation.  

The new OAR website is a tool for patients to educate themselves on how diverse radiology medical services are performed and to prepare you for the exams. Please contact your physician or a radiologist with specific medical questions.

What is Radiology?
Radiology role is central in the prevention, screening, detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases

What is a Radiologist?
Radiologists specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries using medical imaging techniques

Radiology Medical Services
OAR’s Radiology Patient Resource Page

Quality & Safety
Role of Medical Radiation

Radiology Medical Services