The experience and expertise of OAR volunteers continues to be one of our greatest assets.  The success of the OAR’s programs and projects is directly linked to the tremendous efforts of its members who volunteer to serve their colleagues and, ultimately their patients, as well as the Ontario public.

For questions about volunteering please contact the OAR.  We regularly communicate volunteer opportunities throughout the year to all our members.

Listed below are just a few ways in which OAR Members volunteer their time:

  • Becoming a Board Member - We invite you to become an OAR Board Member
  • Committee Work - Join the many OAR committees
  • Research Projects - Get involved in Diagnostic Research studies
  • OAR Communications - Make contributions to OAR newsletters, website, educational campaigns
  • CME Course Directors / Speakers - Become a CME Course director/speaker. CME’s are constantly evolving to reflect developments in the world of radiology.