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2017 CME Courses

Apr 22, 2017

Positioning Course and Breast Imaging Update for Technologists

Course Directors: Joan Glazier and Louise Miller

Course Speakers: Susan Armstrong, Jeff Frimeth, Melissa Heise, Dr. Derek Muradali, Dr. Brian Pinchuk, Kate Smith

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Apr 29, 2017


Course Director: Dr. Adnan Sheikh

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Donald Resnick, Dr. Mark Schweitzer, Dr. Avneesh Chhabra

Course Speakers: Dr. Lawrence White, Dr. Kawan Rakhra, Dr. Hema Choudur

Course Q&A Moderator: Dr. Taryn Hodgson

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May 06, 2017

Hepatocelluar Carcinoma CME for Physicians & Technologists

Course Director:  Dr. Martin O'Malley and Dr. Korosh Khalili

Course Speakers: Dr. Robert Beecroft, Dr. Hyun-Jung Jang, Dr. Kartik Jhaveri, Dr. Tae Kyoung Kim, Dr. Morris Sherman, Dr. Alice Wei

Course Q&A Moderator: Dr. Aatif Parvez

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