Ontario Throne Speech Released

March 20, 2018

The Wynne government released their Throne Speech today.  Like all Throne Speeches it contained few specifics with promises of more detail to follow in the Liberal’s March 28th Budget Speech.

Both are the final hurrah from the Liberals as a key part of their election platform before going into the provincial election in 80 days time.

With regards to health care, there are few details.  Fewer still as it applies to the delivery of patient care from the perspective of Ontario doctors.  Non-specific references were made to:

  • Reducing wait times for health care by significantly increasing hospital operating budgets.  No indication was given as to what that might mean for CT and MRI
  • Broadening the Liberal's OHIP+ prescription drug plan for more Ontario patients beyond the age of 24 and below 65
  • Reference to a dental plan presumably designed to outflank the NDP’s recent similar campaign promise
  • Other references were made to mental and addiction health, home care, day care for children

The word “care” was liberally used throughout the Throne Speech as part of a theme to underline how the Liberal government is best suited to meet the needs of the “many people struggling to take care of themselves and their families”.  This and other references to their carbon tax commitment were used to serve as a counterpoint to the Conservative platform under Doug Ford’s leadership.

See the links to the highlighted Throne Speech and Premier’s related news release and a TorStar article.

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The bottom line message is that the pre-Ontario election campaign is now officially under way.