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Have Your Say on the PSA!

Please Sign this Petition to Call a General Meeting of the OMA

Everyone agrees: the tentative 2016 PSA (Physician Services Agreement) has been one of the most contentious in recent history. Unsettling circumstances surrounding negotiations suggest subversion of due process and transparency. All that aside, members are being tasked with reviewing and understanding the ins and outs of a 4-year contract that will have far-reaching implications over physician funding and healthcare reform.

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Important Message to Ontario Doctors


"Another physician openly condemns the proposed contract: Breach of due process, lack of transparency, cutting 200 medical student spots, and unpredictable clawbacks. Such corrupt Ontario Liberal and OMA practices do not serve our healthcare system well at all. 

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Support Ontario Radiologists

Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government are choosing to play politics with Ontario doctors. 

Tell Kathleen Wynne: YOU stand with the radiologists who work hard to detect cancer and other serious diseases. Radiologists are involved in practically every aspect of our care. That's why they're so important to our health. Wynne’s political games could affect how your care is delivered. That puts you and your family at risk. Add your name if you're concerned:    Learn more

CBMD Accreditation Approval

OAR Canadian Bone Mineral Densitometry (CBMD) Facility Accreditation Program Approvals! 

Congratulations to the following Ontario Independent Health Facilities (IHFs) and Hospitals that have earned their 5-year OAR CBMD Facility Accreditation

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