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August 3, 2018

The OAR's Fall CME's Are Selling Out Quickly

The OAR brings in keynote speakers who are the best in their field and promotes Canadian academia to develop practical CME programming for radiologists, technologists and related specialists. Today, the OAR is proud to offer members a cadre of ongoing in-person and live webcast courses. To encourage and assist technologist participation, the OAR offers 20% discounts for all live webcasts of CME events for groups of 4 or more MRTs.  For more details, please contact the OAR office at:

Fall 2018 Upcoming Radiology CMEs

OAR Breast Ultrasound CME: September 8, 2018

OAR Abdominal & Pelvic Oncology CME: September 22, 2018

Neuroimaging for Acute Ischemic Stroke |Practical Information for Community Radiologists: October 20, 2018

OAR 10th Annual Breast Imaging Symposium: October 27, 2018