OAR's Queen's Park Lobby Day - Recap

November 6, 2019

November 6, 2019

Dear Colleagues:

Thanks to all radiologists who attended the OAR’s Lobby Day meetings and reception at Queen’s Park this past Monday. It was a successful day.  The room was well attended by over 100 attendees, including Ministers, MPPs, and staff members from the Premier's office and Conservative caucus. 

Throughout the day, the OAR held meetings with Conservative government representatives to present a new OAR report drawing attention to wait lists, outdated CT/MRI scanners, the need for more scanners and especially the need for operating funding to end wait lists. 

It's important to keep the momentum and continue to raise awareness with your local MPP's about the need develop an expansion plan to approve new CT and MRI scanners and replace existing aging equipment.

Below you will find the OAR vision report on Ontario's CT/MRI needs based on radiologists' responses to an OAR survey. A copy of the meeting slide decks included. 

OAR’s CT-MRI Wait List Situation Report
OAR Lobby Day Slide Deck including a précis of report’s major findings

Thank you,

Dr. Mark Prieditis