OAR Board: COVID-19 Update

March 20, 2020

The OAR Board met to discuss how best to meet the needs of our specialty, DI staff and our patients.

The following key issues were approved:

1. Creation of an expert OAR group composed of Drs. Carole Dennie (Ottawa Hospital), Narinder Paul (London Health Sciences), Aditya Bharatha (St. Michael’s Hospital), Vik Agarwal (Rouge Valley/IHFs) and Mark Prieditis (OAR president).  This group will provide expert advice to radiologists via e-blasts so that we have a common communication available to all.

2. Ask all radiologists to field COVID-19 questions to the OAR so that key issues are identified and responded in a priority order by the OAR expert panel to avoid duplication of effort.  Use the OAR email:  mail@oarinfo.ca

3. To disseminate key reference information and literature to all radiologists on an iterative basis. Visit https://oarinfo.ca/covid-19 to see latest COVID-19 DI references.

4. To send a baseline survey to all radiologists seeking a current understanding of high-level issues relating to PPE and current COVID-19 readiness.