ON Government’s DI Wait List Plan

July 28, 2021

Radiologists Welcome Ontario Government’s CT/MRI and Diagnostic Wait List Plan

July 28, 2021

Ontario radiologists strongly welcome today’s Ontario Government announcement to take steps to significantly reduce CT, MRI, and surgical wait lists across the Province as a tangible demonstration of its patient care commitment.  This priority announcement recognises that diagnostic imaging is a fundamental gateway for patients who need an early diagnosis to access surgery and other life-saving treatments.

“Premier Ford and Health Minister Elliott’s Wait List Action Plan will direct necessary health care resources to have the most impact on patients across our province”, said Dr. David Jacobs, President of the Ontario Association of Radiologists (OAR).  Radiologists will be working closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure that the 75,000 additional CT/MRI operating hours will optimise patient care outcomes.

The $35M CT/MRI patient care investment, including breast screening and interventional radiology services is an important action to diagnose patients at risk of a cancer diagnosis or who are being managed with a known cancer, neurological or other major condition.  Addressing CT and MRI bottlenecks is key to addressing the surgical backlog because surgery is often dependent on a timely CT/MRI diagnosis for surgery and post-surgical care delivery.

Ontario’s diagnostic imaging specialists and the OAR are committed to working jointly with the Ontario government to ensure patient care resources are prioritised.  Radiologists will be mindful of the need to ensure that appropriate attention is also directed to our Ontario’s Medical Radiation Technologist (MRTs) colleagues to ensure there are adequate numbers of these regulated health professionals to staff the CT and MRI scanners and other diagnostic equipment.

Without a diagnosis, there is no cure.

See the Ford Government announcement for more details.