CBMD Accreditation Approval

July 13, 2016

OAR Canadian Bone Mineral Densitometry (CBMD) Facility Accreditation Program Approvals! 

Congratulations to the following Ontario Independent Health Facilities (IHFs) and Hospitals that have earned their 5-year OAR CBMD Facility Accreditation

  • Deep River and District Hospital, Deep River, ON
  • Dixie X-ray Vaughn, Woodbridge, ON
  • Greater Niagara General Hospital, Kitchener, ON
  • Grand River Hospital, Niagara Falls, ON
  • Headwaters Health Care Centre, Orangeville, ON
  • Lighthouse Medical Imaging - Fairview, Toronto, ON
  • Lighthouse Medical Imaging - Finch, Scarborough, ON
  • ORMDI Inc. - Oak Ridges Medical Diagnostic Imaging, Richmond Hill, ON
  • Port Perry Imaging, Port Perry, ON
  • The Toronto Centre for Medical Imaging, Toronto, ON
  • Winchester District Memorial Hospital, Winchester, ON

The Importance of OAR CBMD Facility Accreditation:

The CBMD online program recognizes through peer review, facilities that have demonstrated high equipment performance, effectiveness of quality control, and exceptional staff qualifications to improve the quality of patient care and to facilitate the appropriate treatment of patients by their attending physicians.

The program has been designed to be educational and aims to improve the quality of patient care. 

The benefits to facilities begin with the commitment to a Standard of Excellence for BMD testing to ensure optimum patient care.

The OAR CBMD Facility Accreditation Program provides the template, processes, and procedures to ensure that the highest national standards are not only met, but where possible exceeded:

Ensures the highest standard of testing and quality patient health management
Reassures the public and referring physicians that technologists and equipment meet the highest standards possible
Minimizes the possibility of misdiagnosis due to differences in technology, reporting and facilities
Through enhanced reporting standards can contribute to overcoming the “care gap” between disease recognition and treatment provided
Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies

Demonstrate your commitment to the highest standard of quality patient care and apply for OAR CBMD Facility Accreditation now!